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Our Luxury Shower Steamer Gift Set #1 includes twelve (12) of our best-selling shower steamers, which are 100% Natural and made with 100% Essential Oil blends.  The shower steamers are shaped like large tablets, 1.6 oz each.  Each shower steamer is individually wrapped in colorful foils to preserve freshness.  The shower steamer gift set is gift-wrapped in a sturdy box with a clear lid.  This gift set makes a beautiful gift presentation and is an exceptionally nice gift for someone you want to pamper....spouse, teacher, mom, dad, friend, sister, brother.


We use natural ingredients in our shower steamers, and there is no staining of your tub.  There are no abrasive chemicals, and they are never tested on animals.  Enjoy each scent for their unique benefits and Aromatherapy Spa Experience.


Essential Oils/Blends in this Gift Set include:

Blues Relief
Calm Lavender
Citrus Mint
Deep Restorative Sleep
Maui Mint

Stress Relief

Summer Nights

Wake Up & Uplifting


Directions for Use:

Allow the shower to run for a bit and let the bathroom fill up with steam.  This allows the essential oils that are released to hold in the air better.  Place shower steamer OUT OF the direct stream of water to just be sprinkled on (for example, place on a small dish in the corner of floor of the shower or hang from a sachet from the shower head).  This will make for a longer-lasting experience.  All you need is a little water sprinkling on it to slowly release the essential oils in the air.

Luxury Shower Steamer Gift Set #1, 100% Natural, Essential Oils

$32.95 Regular Price
$27.95Sale Price
  • PREMIUM QUALITY. Handmade in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin. Natural and organic, superior value, gluten-free, cruelty-free (never tested on animals). 100% natural & organic, made with essential oils blends, PERFECT GIFT IDEA. HEALTHY CHOICE - Made with ingredients that promote natural healing, including essential oils, and contain no artificial dyes to stain your tub.

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