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Paint Your Own "Rainbow" Bath Bomb Kit (Creamy Coconut).  Includes one (1) white "Rainbow" bath bomb (we used Creamy Coconut fragrance oil), which is shrink-wrapped and also shrink-wrapped again onto a 4" x 4" coaster board; one (1) stir stick, one (1) 5 ml bottle of rubbing alcohol, three (3) 3 ml paint pots of assorted colors, two (2) paint brushes (one skinny tip, one wide tip), and a piece of paper towel.  Everything you will need to Paint Your Own Bath Bomb!


Instructions for Paint Your Own Bath Bomb:


Prepare a work area.  Open package and unwrap your bath bomb.  Keep the bath bomb on the coaster board.  Use the stir stick to mix the paint pots.  Mix really good!  Once your colors are thoroughly mixed, it is time to paint your bath bomb!  To change colors, gently wipe your paint brush onto the dry paper towel or by dipping it into the rubbing alcohol.  Do NOT use water to clean your paint brushes as this will cause the bath bomb to activate.  Allow your bath bomb to dry (your "masterpiece" should dry almost instantly) and then place it into a warm bath to enjoy.


FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTION:  Creamy Coconut -- Coconut & Sweet Cream bring memories of Summer fun.  This warm, tropical scent is sure to make you think of laying on the beach while daydreaming of the perfect tan.  Relax under a tropical palm tree and soothe your senses with this sweet, inviting aroma of fresh, creamy coconut.  This marvelous scent has a rich undertone that makes it full-bodied, yet soft and subtle.  Positively bursting with scent and oh-sooo-addictive!  An intoxicating and lush Coconut Cream fragrance with an intensely rich and creamy complexity without using vanilla.  This exotic, yet peaceful quality was once held sacred to certain deities in Fiji.

Paint Your Own "Rainbow" Bath Bomb Kit (Creamy Coconut)

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