Birthstone Bears Keychain (October) 5.5 oz Bath Bomb Gift Set.  Includes one (1) XL 5.5 oz bath bomb fizzie with surprise October Birthstone Bear Keychain toy inside.  The bath bomb is wrapped in a clear cello bag with _____ ribbon and packaged in our clear cube gift box with white & iridescent shredded fill.  There is a label on the top of the cube that specifies the month.


Fragrances in the Birthstone Bears gift sets include the following:


1000 Kisses

Be Enchanted

Cotton Candy

Ginger Peach

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Pink Sugar

A Thousand Wishes

And more . . . . .


    • PREMIUM QUALITY - Handmade in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin.  Natural and organic.  Comparable to Lush Bath Bombs, ours are 5.5 oz each.
    • PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Great gift idea for little girls!  One (1) XL 5.5 oz bath bomb with surprise Birthstone Bear Keychain toy inside.  Made with kid-loving fragrances little girls are sure to love!


    • NATURAL, VEGAN, ORGANIC, cruelty free.  Made with luxury ingredients including Shea, Mango & Cocoa Butter that will help leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.


    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - This is the individual version of our Birthstone Bears Keychain Gift Sets.  Coming Soon!  The Birthstone Bears will also be available in two separate 6-pack 5.5 oz Gift Sets (January through June and July through December) and a "Large" 12-pack 5.5 oz Gift Set, which will have each of the 12 months!  We also have a listing for the Birthstone Bears Keychain toys, which are sold as a set of 12.


    Northwoods Bath & Spa bath bomb fizzies are made with s