Large Wacky Smushies 12-pack Bath Bomb Gift Set.  Includes twelve (12) XL 5.5 oz bath bomb fizzies with a surprise "Wacky Smushies" toy inside each bath bomb. (We include the toys inside 1" capsules and insert in the bath bomb as we are making them.)  The bath bombs are individually labeled and bagged with colorful ribbons and packaged inside a white gift box with multicolored shredded fill.  Made with fragrances kids are sure to love!


These interesting characters have the names "Binky," "Bongo," "Crusher," "Fangs," "Noodles," "Scratch," "Trouble," and "Wubba."  They are urban-style mutant creatures that are silly and fun!  Each "wacky" character comes in the following wild colors:  red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, and purple.  They are so squeezable -- it's time to get "Smushy!"


    • PREMIUM QUALITY - Handmade in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin.  Natural and organic.  Comparable to Lush Bath Bombs, ours are 5.5 oz each.
    • PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Awesome gift idea for that special little boy or girl!  Includes twelve (12) XL 5.5 oz bath bombs with surprise Wacky Smushies toys inside.  Made with kid-loving fragrances kids are sure to love!


    • NATURAL, VEGAN, ORGANIC, cruelty free.  Made with luxury ingredients including Shea, Mango & Cocoa Butter that will help to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.


    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - This is our large 12-pack Wacky Smushies 5.5 oz Bath Bomb Gift Set.  The Wacky Smushies are also available as individual XL 5.5 oz Bath Bomb Gift Sets, a 6-pack 5.5 oz Bath Bomb Gift Set, and we also have a listing for the toys which are inside capsules, which are sold as a set of eight (8) Wacky Smushies toys.


    Northwoods Bath & Spa bath bomb fizzies are made with skin moisturizing ingredients including Shea, Mango, and Cocoa Butter and our exclusive 7-oil blend of Olive, Jojoba, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Safflower, and Grape Seed oil that moisturize and replenish your skin. Bathing with bath bomb fizzies is far better than lotion; the body oils will lock in the skin's all-natural moisture. Our bath bomb fizzies are made with 100% pure and natural ingredients; non-GMO, certified organic.

    Large 5.5 oz Wacky Smushies 12-pack Bath Bomb Gift Set

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